Our Products range includes a wide range of Spontaneous respiratory monitor, icu monitor calibration services, Oxygen Analyzer, Flow Analyzer, pulse oximeter calibration services and ecg calibration services.


About Products

The NANO Spontaneous Respiratory Monitor is a compact device that continuously measures and monitors FiO2 Percentage, Flow upto 200Lpm, PIP, Respiratory Rate, Apnea condition, Inspiratory Tidal Volume.


  • FiO2 range : 0 to 100%
  • Flow range : 0 to 200Lpm
  • Pressure range : -10 to 100cmH2O

Clinical Applications

  • Neonatal patients treated with constant positive airway pressure therapies
  • Bubble CPAP(BCPAP)
  • Nasal High Flow (NHF)
  • Anaesthesia OT manual bagging procedures
  • Oxygen Therapy
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