Mechanical Calibration Services

Offering you a complete choice of services which include mechanical calibration services.

Mechanical Calibration Services

Service Details:

Instrument Type Measuring Instruments
Mechanical Instrument Name Vernier Caliper
Calibration Interval 6 Months
  • Mechanical Calibration Services is the key parameter of Nano Technology Services. Nano is working with very high precision calibration having the capability of 10¿¿¿¿¿¿m in length measurement, the capability of 0.007% in pressure measurement and 0.01µl/0.01mg in volume and mass measurement. We are working very precisely for better CMC.
  • In our Dimensional measurement, we have very precise ULM, Profile Projector, Tape Calibrator, Electronic Level, Length Bars, High Precise Dial Calibration Tester, Test Mandrell, Tapper Mandrell & Cylindrical Square etc.
  • In our facilities not only type resources oriented, but it also highly skilled trained engineer to calibrate the instruments.
  • In the facility of the mechanical calibration, pressure measurement having our reference standards. Dead Weight Tester, Pressure Comparator, Vacuum Comparator etc.
  • In the mass & volume measurement, our lab carries 0.01 mg balance, E2 class weight for precision measurement.

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