Infection Control

Our products range includes a wide range of Physiotherapy Machine , Icu monitor calibration services, Multimeasure, Spontaneous respiratory monitor, defibrillator monitor calibration services, icu ventilator calibration services, pulse oximeter calibration services and ecg calibration services.

Equipment Covers

Nanodot provides high-quality custom made covers for small, medium, and large sized equipment to protect from any weather. Choose from our selection of equipment covers, including tarps and drop cloths, storage and waste containers, and more.

Face Mask Dispensers

Allow ease of access to face masks with dispensers from NANO. Our product offering includes surgical face mask dispensers, pediatric masks. NANO have the advance arrangement to measure/calibrate all the parameter.

Sterilization and Sterilization Trays

Nanodot surgical instruments are too valuable. sterilizing trays help reduce damage from everyday use. With top quality structural integrity, these trays are ideal for the handling and storage of all standard microdissection and surgical instruments.

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