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Our service range includes a wide range of icu monitor calibration services, syringe pump calibration services, defibrillator monitor calibration services, icu ventilator calibration services, pulse oximeter calibration services and ecg calibration services.

ICU Monitor Calibration Services

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Unit
Calibration Frequency Bi Annually
Test Conducted Functional Test & Electrical Safety
Accuracy +2%(70-100%)
Usage/Application Hospital

The monitor is the most important instrument in the hospital which is used to measure/indicate all the vital signal of the human bodies like ECG, NIBP, IBP, TEMP, SPO2, CO2, Pulse & Respiration. All the parameters are controlled and generated by machinery, electronically & thermal operations. NANO have the advance arrangement to measure/calibrate all the parameter.

Syringe Pump Calibration Services

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Unit
Calibration Frequency Bi Annually
Parameters to be Calibrated Flow Rate, Volume and Pressure
Syringe Capacity 5 to 100 cc
Instrument Type Laboratory Instrument

Syringe Pump Calibration Services are helpful to inject the medicine as per the required volume with predefined.

Parameters to be calibrated:

  • Flow rate
  • Volume & pressure

Defibrillator Monitor Calibration Services

Service Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Unit
Calibration Frequency Bi Annually
Parameters to be Calibrated Flow Rate, Volume and Pressure
Syringe Capacity 5 to 100 cc
Instrument Type Laboratory Instrument

Defibrillator Monitor Calibration Services is one of the most life-saving instruments, which deliver the energy to our heart when it works slow or when heartbeat goes down. So our experts use the Defibrillator to save the patient, in our Indian scenario maximum time that effectively works and saves the life.

Parameters to be calibrated:

  • Energy
  • Discharge Time
  • Functional Test
  • EST


About product

Bluesoft phototherapy system is the next generation fibre optic based technology for treatement of indirect hyperbilirubinermia in new-borns Blanket phototherapy is the most premium modality for the treatement of neonatal jaundice. Optical fibre based light therapy allows to deliver healing light only to the skin without polluting into surroundings thereby increases comfort to both patient and care-taker. Flexible fibre optic blanket allows to wrapped around the baby such that mother could hold while breast feeding.


  • Avoids eye damage : allows phototherapy only on baby's skin.
  • Bedside phototherapy : portability to beside or at home.
  • Infant-parent bonding : allows phototherapy while breast feeding.
  • Closed system : avoids intense light outside & ensures safety to care takers.
  • Space Utility : portable & compact in contrast to LED phototherapy system.


  • Adjustable irradiance : up to 60uW/cm2/nm
  • Spectrum : 450-470 nm with peak at 455nm
  • Larger surface area : illumination area (25cm * 40cm)
  • Innovative optical design : Provides uniform illumination
  • Device Timer : Monitor treatement time & LED usage
  • Quite operation : Very low noise operation
  • Long life LED source : 50000 hours
  • Flexible Blanket : Allows to wrap over the baby


  • No UV/IR emission
  • Automatic cut off for overheating


About product

LED phototherapy is the common madality of treatement for neonatal jaundice in developing countries. Although numerous equipment providers are competing in the market there exists a demand for superior quality electronic hardware for durable, safe and optimum performance. Premium quality OEM control boards developed by Nanodot Technology services have been occupied inside the LED Phototherapy systems of various suppliers.


  1. Monitors baby temperature through external probe (Accuracy=0.01oc)
  2. Alarm for low (<27) and high (>38) baby temperature.
  3. Adjustable intensity (15-70) uW/cm2/nm
  4. Operating voltage 180-300 Volts AC
  5. Intensity Calibration possible
  6. Cut off for high enclosure temperature
  7. Provision for adding observation light (while LED)
  8. Non-resettable total user time.
  9. Resettable patient timer.
  10. Live display of Spectral Irradiance Value (Higher Ver.)


About product

Ensuring adequate spectral light power has become increasingly important for effective neonatal jaundice treatment. The lamp aging and patient distance from the lamp head can significantly affect the therapy procedure and resultant curing time. Spectral Irradiance meter is specially designed to measure accurate exposure level of standard neonatal therapy systems directly in the patient plane and is designed for routine use in clinical settings. Battery operated stand-alone systems and compact modules for integration to control boards are available.


  1. Special response : 420-520nm peak at 460nm
  2. Measurement range : 0.1 to 99mW/cm2/nm
  3. Uses one 9V Alkaline non-rechargeable battery
  4. Continuous operation of 8-10 hours
  5. Three digit power display with backlight
  6. Data hold button
  7. Weight <180 gms
  8. Dimensions : 13.4cm (L) * 7cm (B) * 2.5cm (H)
  9. Dimensions of probe : 5.5cm (Dia.) * 1.5cm (H), Wire length (1 Mtr.)
  10. Connector Mini Din Type Connector


About product

Nanodot Technology Services have been supplying OEM modules for various infant warmer providers. The R&D team develops innovative infant warmer with touch screen display for OEM manufacturing. Touch Screen display helps the caretakers to easy access and control on baby's environment. Also caretaker can use the touch screen to change equipments settings. It allows patient's information readily available to eagerly family members thereby providing family - friendly care environment. Touchscreen displays both patient and equipment information both in English and local language. Plug & play OEM modules are available to support large production requirements.


  • 7 inch touchscreen (capacitive) color display
  • Menu in multiple languages (English/Regional language)
  • Adjustable set temperature range : (32-40)oC
  • Temperature accuracy : +/- 0.1oC
  • Servo, Manual, WarmUP Modes of operation
  • Audio - Visual alarms for :
    • High temperature (+ 1oC of set value)
    • Low temperature (- 1oC of set value)
    • Sensor failure
    • Power failure
    • Heater failure
    • Over temperature Cut-Off
  • APGAR timer with audible tones at 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes


About product

Nanodot Technology Services in an endeavour to provide warmth as well as phototherapy to preterm newborns simultaneously to meet critical situations that may arise in providing critical care for such babies, have conceptualised Dual in One Biowarm system. This is remarkably convenient and user friendly, given its capabilities. The space around infabt is organised efficiently for the convenience of care givers, the mother as well as visitors.

BIOWARM Warmer Specifications:

  • Adjustable set temperature range : (32-38)oC
  • Temperature accuracy : 0.1oC
  • Servo manual Modes of operation
  • Audio-Visual alarms for:
    • High temperature (+ 0.5oC of set temperature)
    • Low temperature (- 0.5oC of set temperature)
    • Sensor failure
    • Power failure
    • Heater failure
    • Over temperature Cut-Off
  • 7 inch touchscreen display
  • APGAR timer with audible tones at 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes
  • With Baby Monitoring Wireless Camera


About product

The infants kept within NICU is always a concern for the new parents and especially the mothers. Instead of getting into the NICU, using the camera in the system, they can view their baby either outside the NICU or seen from their own patient rooms. This is also the case with the eager visitors/relatives to view the babies on display screens instead of physically entering the NICU. Biowarm brings together a unique combibnation of phototherapy and infant warmer powered with inbuilt camera, with potential to telemedicine applications.

BIOWARM LED Phototherapy Specifications:

  • Light source - High Bright blue LED
  • Wavelength - 450-470 nm
  • Adjustable Irradiance (30 to 60)μW/cm2/nm
  • Effective Surface Area - 50 * 30 cm
  • 30 Blue LED lamps for treatment
  • 4 white LED lamps for observation
  • Operating Voltage 180-300 Volts AC
  • Intensity calibration
  • Provision for adding observation light (White LED)
  • Non- resettable total user time
  • Resettable patient timer
  • LCD Display
  • Tilt angle of infant bed can be adjusted +20o vertically
  • Height adjustable transparent baby protector 6mm (thickness), acylic (material).


About product

Premium quality electronic hardware is an increasing demand for superior performance of temperature sensing and control in decimal units. Best quality OEM control boards developed by Nanodot Technology Services have been supplying the continuous demand of various infant warmer providers. Microprocessor based controlling with Thermistor temperature Sensor for accurate temperature monitoring and controlling. Ready to integrate OEM modules with state of art design are available to support large production requirements.


  1. Adjustable set temperature range : 32oC- 40oC
  2. Tem1perature accuracy : 0.1oC
  3. Quick heat control response.
  4. Calibrated monitoring of baby temperature.
  5. Microprocessor Based control system.
  6. Heater works in 100% power upto 1oC below the set temperature and will stablize by intelligently sensing the baby temperature change rate.
  7. Visually-2coded control panel and color-coded safety alarms.
  8. Large LED display makes it easy to see and understand critical information.
  9. APGAR timer with audible tones at 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes
  10. Advanced safety : Heater power is Limited to 20% if the skin probe is not in contact with the baby.
  11. Heater Specification : 220V AC / 600 Watts (Ceramic / Quartz)


About product

Peripheral venous access is an everyday procedure in the hospital environment. It can be often a challenging process for health professionals like nurses to find suitable veins. Veins can be even very small and or deep. Repeated needle pricks are painful, increases risk of infection and patients become irritated, questioning the professionals.

Nanodot Technology Services has come up with a portable battery operated device, which can visualize subsurface veins in real-time and provide information about bifurcations. Infrared imaging technology uses the principle of absorption by deoxygenated blood to locate veins. Useful for application in adults and neonates.


  • Economical design & Easy to learn and use
  • Hands-free option & No patient contact
  • Imaging Distance : 35 cm
  • Depth of visualization : 0.9 cm
  • Rechargeable battery & 3 hours of continuous operation
  • Enhanced modes of operation
  • Movement tolerant - The device shows the veins in real time, when operated properly, it can accommodate patient movement.


About product

BIOSAN is a multiple-function sterlizer, which has sterilization, aromatherapy and charging functions. UV lights kills virus, bacterias and make you live safety. Aromatherapy makes your pnone smell more sweety and give you a better feeling. Machine provides two UV light lamps which could cover the top and bottom surface meanwhile, so you just need to sterlize your device for one time. UV sterilization is widely used in our life, such as medical treatment,food,health treatment, chemical engineering and so on, which gives us a more safety and health life.

This machine can be used for cellphone, mp3/mp4, jewelry, underwear, socks, baby's toys, forks, knives, watches, eye-glasses, toothbrush, keys, bluetooth earphones and any other samll objects.


  • Standard Input : 5V==2000mA
  • USB Power Outlet : 5V==2000mA(4000 mAH POWER BACKUP)
  • UV Wavelength : 253.7nm
  • Single Button : Power ON, Sterilization, Aromatherapy, Power OFF
  • Indicator : Modes (Green), Power ON (Red)
  • Disinfection Power : 6W
  • Aromatherapy Power : 1W
  • Max Power : 9W
  • Outer Dimension : 230(L) * 125(B) * 45(H)mm
  • Inner Dimension : 165(L) * 86(B) * 14(H)mm



  • Intensity : 40000 Lux
  • Spot Diameter : 60cm
  • Colour Temp : 5000 K
  • Colour Rendering Index : 92
  • LED Average Life >50000 Hrs.
  • LED Specification : COB Led
  • Intensity control: 10-100%
  • Power Supply : 220V/50Hz~AC
  • Power: 18 Watts



  • Standard Input: 12V ==4000mA
  • Max Power: 30 W
  • Brightness (LUX) >10000
  • WL: 12000-15000K
  • Dimensions:
  • Frame (L*H*T) : 60cm * 50 *3cm
  • Viewing Area (W*H): 55cm * 45cm
  • Intensity control :10-100%
  • Lights Instantly
  • Unparallel latest LED technology
  • Silent Operation
Double FILM
  • Standard Input: 12V ==4000mA
  • Max Power: 45 W
  • Brightness (LUX) >10000
  • WL: 12000-15000K
  • Frame (L*H*T) : 85cm * 52 *2cm
  • Viewing Area (W*H): 78cm * 46cm
  • Intensity control :10-100% (Easily dimmed)
  • Remote Feature : Optional
  • Lights Instantly
  • Unparallel latest LED technology
  • Silent Operation
  • Slim, Durable and Effective

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