Biomedical Equipment Calibration Services

Our service range includes a wide range of thermal calibration services.

Biomedical Equipment Calibration Services

Service Details:

Industry Type Healthcare
Calibrated For Customer Requirement
Mode Of Report Physical/offline
Duration 3 Days
Service Includes Including functional & electrical safety

Biomedical Equipment Calibration Services is the most important services in the Healthcare services, a patient always depends on the diagnostic results, support systems by the aby medical equipment or any device major any vital signal of the human body. Now the work depends on an advanced technology and different type of advanced instruments for the treatment and diagnostics.

Whatever the result is created by medical devices i.e. true and behalf of this result the Doctors & Professionals are treating the patients. Nowadays human body is more sophisticated rather than the old age. Each and every measurement, directly or indirectly affect the human body, so our scientist, doctors, and biomedical experts are deploying so many types of components to measure and control the vital parameters of the human body.

Role of medical equipment and their maintenance & calibration services is most important. After the aging of the equipment are drifted their result as specified by the manufacturer, so our biomedical experts and manufacturers always suggest to periodically re-calibration of each and every medical instruments. As per international guideline IEC:60601 the periodical re-calibration, methods, parameters are already predefined. Now the Indian accreditation body also taking the initiative to accredited biomedical calibration facilities. Our NMI (NPL) also establishing traceability system in India

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