Our Products range includes a wide range of icu monitor calibration services, Oxygen Analyzer, Flow Analyzer, pulse oximeter calibration services and ecg calibration services.

Oxygen Analyzer

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It Measures the fraction of Oxygen present in the inspiratory limb of a breathing system. NANO oxygen Analyzer designed to operate with Galvic Oxygen Cell.


  • Current Consumption 120 MA
  • Oxygen Measurement from 0 to 100%
  • oxygen high and low alarm settings
  • fast and slow calibration modes


It can be used with wide application areas like Anaesthesia OT, NICU, Manifold rooms of hospital and Field service in Biomedical, Oxygen concentrator systems verifications.

Flow Analyzer

About products

NANO Flow Analyzer is a reliable companion for biomedical engineers to test, validate and calibrate medical devices that deliver AIR/O2, PEAK AIR/O2, Inspiratory Tidal Volume-AIR/O2, Expiratory Tidal Volume- AIR/O2, Pressure, PIP, PEEP, Temperature, Altitude, Pressure and Humidity. ATP/BTPS Calibrated.


  • Biomedical Testing
  • Field Service and Calibration
  • Biomedical Research
  • Quality assurance & Testing

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